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As soon as we receive a confirmed payment, your order will be processed and will take between 1 to 5 days on production, depending on the item you have chose and the quantity demanded.

At checkout you can find all the available options to ship your order, including an option with tracking number and registered mail.
Regular mail will still go safe, but you will not be provided with a tracking number.

Depending on the location, your order can take a few days to arrive.
Although we cannot meet these deadlines, the information provided here is an estimate of the arrival time given by previous customers feedback, local Post Office information and given experience.

Europe: 2-15 business days
Canada: 5-30 business days
North America: 5-30 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 7-30 business days
Asia Pacific: 7-30 business days
Latin America and the Caribbean: 10-30 business days
North Africa and the Middle East: 10-65 business days
Sub-Saharan Africa: 10-80 business days

Yes you can. We can all change our minds!
But you need to cancel it as fast as you decide it by contacting us on the form or directly to info@xtoryjewelry.com
All orders that are already sent, cannot be cancelled, so please inquire us if it’s still possible to do so.
Also custom orders are not eligible to cancellations, due to the nature of the request.
Before any order placement we always ensure that you are satisfied with your final result.

YES! Just place your order normally and you’ll find all the info at checkout to place your order and where to ship to.

Yes. But only if your order hasn’t been dispatched yet.
In that case we combine orders and refund the extra paid shipping if you have paid for the shipping.

You can change your address on your account tab at any time.
If in the meanwhile you have placed an order to the previous address, you can contact us at info@xtoryjewelry.com and request it to be send to the new address.
* This DOES NOT APPLY if your order has already been dispatched.

Yes, we accept returns if your jewelry hasn’t been worn.
Although all jewelry is given all attention to detail, handmade jewelry can vary in color and shape from what’s presented online.
If by some reason you’re not happy with it, you can contact us at info@xtoryjewelry.com within 15 days of having received your item and we’ll give the details needed to make the return.
* All shipping cost returns are the responsibility of the customer.

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.
The general amount for the duties and taxes fee may vary depending on the country to which the order was shipped.
You are advised to contact your customs office for specific amounts and percentages.
XTory cannot control and is not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your package.
You will be responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance if applied.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country.

Yes we do.
We proud ourselves to make the best artisan jewelry and with great attention to detail.
In all packages we offer a Jewelry Care Card and an Authenticity Card, giving all instructions for caring for your XTory Jewelry piece and Jewelry in general, including a 1 year guarantee from the day of purchase.
That’s how confident we are that you’ll love your jewelry and care for it.

If you have purchased shipping with tracking number, you can get all the detailed info about the package and get a refund OR resend of the item.
If you get free shipping, or have purchased regular mail shipping, means that you have no tracking number and therefore we cannot help you with the tracking or get any refund after it’s shipped.
As for the damaged item you can contact us to info@xtoryjewelry.com with a picture of the damaged piece and we will provide the best solution.
We have a guarantee of 12 months for any problem you might encounter from manufacturing to arrived damaged items.

Most certainly YES.
In fact we helped several brides and grooms on their requests for a Portuguese Themed, or Mexican Themed weeding for example.
We also provide for corporate events, with elegant and over the top souvenirs for their guests. And also any other event you might have in mind that involves jewelry and accessories.
For further details you can contact us at info@xtoryjewelry.com, or use the contact us form for your request.

You can access our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages to check for that information, but in no given moment we process your information to third party companies and we don’t hold any billing or payment information about your billing options.
The site is strongly secured with SSL certificate and all orders placed are safe.
We have no access to your personal account, banking information, or data.
We have access to your address, contact, name and email in order to process your order. This is required and mandatory to ship it by law.
You have complete access to your data and you can delete or change it at any time. Our website and company are GDPR compliant.

We accept PayPal and we use Stripe as our main payment gateway meaning that you can use your credit card, VISA, Mastercard, we have Alipay, SoFort and other methods of payments adequate to your country.
YES. You can find the custom form here

We would be delighted to have you as a stockist and a partner in business.
You can check our Wholesale Page and request form here.

We proud ourselves of using only top quality supplies and products.
We have nickel and lead free metals, we source every material in responsible ways and we “use” no animals on the process.
We absolutely love pets, but we found that some people have developed allergies to animal hair and therefore our working environment is free of animals.
We also offer a variety of pieces where you can choose your ear wires for the earrings, for example, between stainless steel and 925 real sterling silver.
For necklace we also have the same options and if by any case it’s not available on the product “options” tab, you can request it at info@xtoryjewelry.com.

We offer from time to time unique deals, sales and promotions. If you want to stay tuned with our promotions and get a 20% off deal on your purchase just sign up for our VIP email list to get all the good treats we have to offer you.

All XTory Jewelry is made by hand by Inês Lamy, a Portuguese designer living and working in Paris, where she got her artistry mastered and developed with the influence of the french accuracy and artistry elegance.
History combined with her origins make these jewelry pieces so unique.
Materials like wood, ceramic, polymer clay, all sorts of inks, paints and high quality metals are part of these collections, created with heart by hand in her studio.

YES. All items will go packed in order to arrive safely and also ready to be gifted.
You can always require an additional Gift Wrap for a low fee.

It vary from country to country but we offer a very low rate for national and international orders.
We also combine shipping on your order, meaning that you can place an order for 1 or 10 items, your cost will be the same.
Additional costs for getting multiple items will be offered by XTory.
To know the shipping rate to your country you can simply add items to your cart and go to checkout to see your rate, before placing your order.
You can also choose from the different rates that you see most fit for you, including shipping with tracking number and registered mail.

YES. You just need to give the address of the person you’re going to gift it to and refer it on a note during checkout, so we are aware.
Or simply mail us at info@jewelry stating that.

You are always provided with a Jewelry Care Card on each order, unless we have a suddenly stock card issue and we can’t provide it.
Your jewelry should be kept safe in a dry place and never in a humid environment.
No water can be applied to the jewelry, meaning that you are not advised to wear these pieces to shower, bath, go to a pool, or to the beach.
Remove it prior to washing hands, hair and house cleaning, in case you’re wearing rings and/or bracelets.
All jewelry is water resistant, but not water proof.
Keep away for fire and be cautious with children and animals as shinny objects tend to attract curious hands/paws.

Just contact us at info@xtoryjewelry.com and we are glad to help.


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